aka_human (aka_human) wrote,

Fuck off, thugs

Давно не видел такой концентрированной наглости и ненависти. Если авторы таких статей надеются завоевать себе союзников, то они сильно ошибаются.

Six Responses To Black Lives Matter That White People Need To Stop Saying Immediately

Особенно меня разозлил такой пассаж:
“I’m OK with peaceful protests, but not thugs and riots.”
You are prioritizing your whiteness and pretending that you get to decide everything, that your opinion is most important and accurate, because you are white. Black people are dealing with over 400 years (plus) of oppression, and your response is to tell them how they should respond to injustice? Your level of comfort and your beliefs about appropriateness are irrelevant. Telling others how to process and respond to their pain is not only unproductive, but incredibly self-centered. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to support protesting but not rioting. Your whiteness is still showing. And, do not drop “thug” into your conversations. Our multiracial family’s belief is that using the word “thug” is a re-invented form of the n-word. White people often use it to refer to males of color. It’s racist.

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