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Medicare: Ripe for Rip-Offs

Статья для любителей "государственной медицины для всех".

Medicare: Ripe for Rip-Offs:


The $768 billion Medicare program is in deep trouble as America ages and elderly health care soars in cost.
Medicare is a giant central planning scheme that imposes more than 100,000 pages of regulations and related rules on more than 600,000 health care providers.
The inefficiency is vast, and the structure of the program makes it a perfect target for fraud and abuse.
The system processes more than a billion provider claims a year.
Auditors estimate that more than $50 billion of taxpayer money goes down the drain every year from improper payments.
However, it is also true that the Soviet-style brutalist design for HHS is ideal for a bureaucracy that imposes top-down central planning on a large part of the economy.
The harshness of the building is a metaphor for the cold treatment of the citizenry under government-imposed planning schemes. 

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