aka_human (aka_human) wrote,

Три мудреца в одном тазу

 Не зря мне Маркo Рубио казался подозрительным, чем дальше, тем больше.

Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders Have a Plan to Kill the Stock Market:

"Senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Bernie Sanders of Vermont want to penalize “self-indulgent” corporations that buy back their own stock. In a recent article in the New York Times, they argued that when companies repurchase shares, not only do the vast majority of Americans not benefit, but income inequality is exacerbated since only wealthy shareholders and corporate management profit."

"Now even some Republicans are getting on board. Florida senator Marco Rubio has suggested changes in the tax law to discourage buybacks because he says they “inflate” the prices of stock “at the expense of future productivity & job creation.”


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