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 Did The FBI Ignore Evidence That A 'Foreign Entity' Hacked Clinton's Emails?


"So, in short, one of the lead investigators in the Clinton email case apparently learned that a foreign entity was getting all Clinton's emails — including many that contained classified information — and … did nothing.

In fact, between the initial and final drafts of former FBI director James Comey's statement, the wording changed from it was "reasonably likely" that "hostile actors" gained access to her emails to "possible."

In his comments on the earlier draft, Strzok said: "we have no evidence classified information was ever shared with an unauthorized party."

Так кто там громче всех орёт про "предателя" Трампа? Какого чёрта  таким "правоохранителям" всё сходит с рук?!?
Самой большой неудачей Трампа считаю назначение attorney general Jeff Sessions. Он пустое место.


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