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"Why won't gun owners think of the children?"

Quora website стал ареной битвы между "запретителями" оружия и нормальными людьми. Разве можно назвать нормальным человека, задающим такой вопрос:

Why won't gun owners think of the children?

А вот ответ жителя Южной Африки, страны с высоким уровнем насилия и сильно ограничивающим антиоружейным законодательством:
"JP Naude, IT Systems Admin (2008-present)
Hi, I live in South Africa, a crime riddled, murder infested shithole. We have a murder rate of 18673 people per year, an attempted murder rate of 18205 people per year, 22343 violent home invasions per year and an average of 109 rapes reported daily. The South African Police Service only responds within half an hour in 12% of cases, in approximately 40% they never even bother to show up.

Now, the usual home invasion is performed by a gang of between 4 to 12 assailants. They are usually armed with automatic R4/R5 rifles, which are licensed copies of the IMI Galil. These are weapons “lost” by SAPS or Defence Force members, another favorite are AK’s smuggled from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They usually torture their victims with boiling water, electric power tools, blowtorches, their fingernails get pulled out one by one and toddlers raped and shot execution style.

Coincidentally we also have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Firstly it is extremely difficult to arm yourself due to having to motivate the need strongly. Secondly it is almost prohibitively expensive with competency applications costing around 180 USD per type of rifle for example handgun, shotgun or rifle before you have even bought a gun. Glocks sell for around 950 USD.

You have to be 21years of age to apply. You first need to apply for the competency certificate for the type of firearm you wish to own. This takes around 4 months. Then you have to apply for the firearm itself which will roughly take another 4 months.

We need to reapply every 5 years for self-defense permits and every 10 years for sporting rifles. There is a good chance of being rejected when re-applying. We may only own 4 guns, one handgun or shotgun for self defense and three rifles/shotguns for recreational purposes. The rifles may not be self loading.

I carry my Glock 19 from the moment I get up till when I finish for bed. At night it is within arm’s reach together with my Mossberg 500 12ga. I train as frequently as I could afford in order to be as familiar with my weapons as possible.

Now ask me again if I don’t care about the children - I have guns because I care about my child and will do everything in my power to protect him."
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