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Так что калифорнийские власти делают для своих граждан?

В продолжение калифорнийской темы:

A CA Sanctuary State: But What is California Doing For Its Own Citizens?
by Thomas Del Beccaro

"only 48.56% of students met or exceeded the English language arts/literacy standards . . . [and] In mathematics, 37.56% percent of students met or exceeded standards.”

"Once again, California is the most poverty-stricken state in America. #1."
"Overall, California for a decade has had over 30% of the nation’s welfare recipients and only around 12% of the nations’ population."

"people outside of government report the real infrastructure needs to be much higher than that - as in totaling $500 billion."

"That same report notes that pension costs, as a percentage of operating budgets, have increased 300% to 500% in the last 15 years and are projected to keep going higher"
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