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New York is safer without illegal-immigrant gangsters — no thanks to the mayor

But it does serve to underscore one undeniable fact: Where MS-13 goes, gross violence follows. Consider:
 Last October, Long Island police busted 35 alleged MS-13 members in connection with the discovery of the remains of six gang-related murder victims in less than a month. One of the casualties was 15. Authorities say the town of Brentwood has been “terrorized” by the gang for years.
 In Plainfield, NJ, last year, eight MS-13 members were convicted in federal court in connection with at least four murders.
 In Lawrence, Mass., 60 gang members have been charged by the feds in a variety of killings — including the machete murder of a 16-year-old boy.
  In suburban Washington, DC, five MS-13 members, including four illegal aliens, were just charged with a single count of murder — a remarkable display of restraint given the gang’s conspicuous contempt for life.
All of this is just scum off the top of the pond. Law-enforcement officials are under no illusions about the MS-13 threat.
Last week, ICE cops in New York corralled 40 illegal immigrants almost overnight — and it turned out that, in addition to immigration violations, 95 percent of them had serious criminal convictions.

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