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Калифорнийские экономические "успехи"

Aнтитрамповский штат Калифорния демонстрирует Трампу мастерство руководства.
Калифорния тратит на каждую милю калифорнийских дорог в 4.7 раза больше, чем в среднем по стране (ура?). В результате их качество оказалось на ...47 месте. Но Калиформию не смущают парадоксы. Дефицит бюджета растёт при постоянном росте налогов.

“California spends 4.7 times as much per mile of state-controlled highway as the national average. More specifically, for every $1 Texas spends on its highways, California spends $5.80. For every $1 Michigan spends on its highways, California spends $3. … California ranks 47th for highway conditions, while Michigan ranks 30th and Texas 11th. So while spending a lot less per mile, those states are able to have much better road conditions. In fact, over the last 20 years, California's highway system and road conditions made the least amount of progress among all 50 states.”

"California’s legislative analyst projected last year that the recent increase in the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour will cost taxpayers $3.6 billion more a year in increased government worker pay. This is partly because already well-paid government workers sometimes have their pay pegged to a multiple of the minimum wage.

The increase will also drive up state welfare costs by wiping out many jobs. The American Action Forum predicts the increase will ultimately cost California nearly 700,000 jobs. An economist at Moody’s calculated that 31,000 to 160,000 California manufacturing jobs will be lost."

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