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Stop 'Islamophilia' to End Islamophobia

“Islamophilia” has taken a variety of forms, such as insisting that Islam is a religion of peace, pronouncing Jihad a peaceful endeavor, and claiming that Shariah laws are compatible with the U.S. Constitution — despite overwhelming evidence against such unfounded assertions, which contradict both historical facts and current mainstream Islamic teaching.

Such “Islamophilia” — which is based on hallucinations and pathological lying — has impeded our ability to recognize the true cause of Radical Islam since Sept. 11 2001, and has thus allowed this ideological cancer to spread, resulting in increased hatred of the religion and aggravating the problem of “Islamophobia.”

Liberal left (and Muslim) champions of a blind disregard for the role of the religious teaching in creating the phenomenon of terrorism, have actually aggravated the problem of “Islamophobia” by adopting a pathological “Islamophilia.”

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