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В Сальвадоре нет Loretta Lynch

"Former Salvadoran President Tony Saca was arrested Saturday for alleged illicit enrichment, unlawful association and money laundering, prosecutors said.

Saca, a former radio sports announcer, held office from 2004 to 2009 for the rightist Nationalist Republican Alliance.

Police said six former officials in his government were also arrested. Saca and two of the other suspects were arrested at the wedding of one of Saca's children.

Prosecutors say the former president has not clarified the origins of $5 million of the $6.5 million in assets he acquired during his time in office.

He declared his fortune at $3.6 million when he took office. Five years later, it had grown to $13.1 million."

Сальвадорского президента арестовали по обвинению в отмывании денег и коррупции.
Пора бы и у нас посадить обнаглевших политиканов.

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