aka_human (aka_human) wrote,

Сивка-бурка, это вам не сивый мерин

Джихадисты стали бояться своих баб в бурках, чёрт их знает, что они замышляют под покрывалом.

Islamic State bans burka in northern Iraq after veiled woman kills 2 jihadists

"In a seeming U-turn, the Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly banned women wearing the burka in northern Iraq after claiming that its fighters have been targeted by a veiled female. The hard-line faction has previously beaten and killed women for not wearing a veil covering their face and hair in public.
Now, IS (Daesh) has outlawed women wearing veils entering their security centers near their stronghold of Mosul after a number of commanders were killed by an unknown assailant."

Просто любопытствую, сивка-бурка из "Конька-Горбунка", это Ершов не об эксплуатации мусульманских женщин?

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