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I work for the government so you know I'll fuck you hard

Проститутка: -Два дня в неделю я работаю на правительство.

The X-Rated Version of Great Moments in Tax Avoidance

California bureaucrats regulating participants in porn films, as humorously described by Mark Steyn.

The World Bank paying poor young women so they don’t take up with sugar daddies.

Obamacare being so costly that some young women are looking for sugar daddies.

British taxpayers financing sex trips to Amsterdam.

A ruling from the U.S. Tax Court that money spent on sex change operations is deductible.

The law in Hawaii allows cops to have sex with prostitutes.

In Germany, by contrast, prostitutes have to use parking meters to pay tax.

Pakistani officials use transsexuals to encourage tax payments.

But in Colorado, you can get busted (no pun intended) for cutting hair while topless, but not because you’re bare-chested.

And in Spain, porn has a lower tax rate than the theater.

A brothel in Austria is offering free sex to its customers – as a tax protest. Pascha brothel in the city of Salzburg is advertising a “Summer Special”. “We’re not paying any more tax!” says an announcement on the brothel’s website. “From now on: Free entry! Free drinks! Free sex!” The brothel’s owner, Hermann Müller, is paying the prostitutes out of his own pocket as a protest against what he says are unfair taxes.

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