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Администрация Обамы хочет принять как можно больше беженцев из Сирии, но только если они мусульмане. Христианам и другим не мусульманам, подвергающимся настоящему геноциду, попасть в Штаты куда сложнее.
И я знаю в чём причины такой избирательности.

Obama Admin ALREADY Discriminates Against Syrians -- if They're Christians


"According to the Refugee Processing Center, of the 6,877 Syrian refugees that have arrived in 2016 through July 31st, 6,834 of those are identified as Sunni, Shia, or generic Muslim. Only 43 (0.7 percent of total) refugees admitted have been non-Muslim.

That 0.7 percent of refugees arriving this year represents a statistically insignificant fraction of the more than 2.6 million Catholic, Syriac, Assyrian, and Greek Orthodox Christians, as well as Yazidis, other religions, and atheists living in Syria.

Yet all of these groups are being targeted by Islamic extremists -- indeed, Secretary of State John Kerry himself has claimed these groups are facing a genocide."

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