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Продавцы воздуха

Напомнило "Продавец воздуха" А.Беляева. Там главный герой был подлец, негодяй и вымогатель. Эти же гордо приняли позу спасителей человечества. А я не вижу разницы.

"On Tuesday, the World Bank said in a report that emission trading schemes were worth an estimated $34 billion on April 1, up from $32 billion in 2014, while the value of carbon taxes around the world amounted to about $14 billion.

Countries introducing such initiatives include developing nations such as China, Mexico and South Africa.

Putting a price on carbon would be the foundation for unlocking investment in low-carbon economies "with hope for jobs and competitiveness - not a picture of sacrifice and of loss and giving things up"


А вот как манипуляторы от науки работают. Ну и журналисты, как же без них:
Tags: gadstvo, global warming hysteria, кто там шагает левой?

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