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Murder race of victim by race of offender (2011. FBI stats)


"According to the most recent (2011) FBI statistics, of the 2,695 murders in which the victim was black, 91% were committed by people of the same race. Whites and white-Hispanics were the perpetrator in only 193 (7%) cases. Odds are if the victim was wearing a hoodie, the perp was too.
The same pattern of intra-racial violence holds for whites. Eighty-three percent of white murders in 2011 were within-race killings, and only 14% were black on white. These data tell us that murder in America is decidedly not a matter of racial hatred."

В 91% случаев черные убивают черных и в 83% случаев белые убивают белых.
Черные убивают белых более чем в два раза чаще чем наоборот несмотря на то, что их в 4 раз меньше (13% vs 53%).

Для тех, кто хочет убедиться насколько женщины миролюбивее мужчин, рекомендую посмотреть полную таблицу ;-)
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