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В Калифорнии вечно жалуются, что им не хватает денег на школы, учителей.
Сегодня прочитал в San Jose Mercury News:

After weeks of stone-walling, the California School Boards Association has finally released details about its finances and the salaries paid to its top executives.
The catalyst was the revelation of outrageous pay for Executive Director Scott Plotkin - $516,500 in 2008 and $404,000 in 2009. That apparently wasn't enough for Plotkin, who used his association credit card to take out $11,000 in cash advances from casinos, then lied about it.

Last week, the association copped to the salaries of its other executives. The nonprofit group - which draws much of its budget from school board, which in turn get their money from taxpayers - has 2 deputy executive directors and for assistant executive directors.


... organization mostly analyzes policy, lobbies Sacramento and runs training workshops for school board members.
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