September 13th, 2021

Если черный не обличает расизм, запишут в предатели

Эта гадость напечатана не как "мнение", видимо редакция широко известного издания согласна с автором.

Larry Elder and the danger of the ‘model minority’ candidate

Так в чём вина черного кандидата в губернаторы? А вот в этом:
"Elder’s deeply held beliefs about race just happen to comfort the most racist, far-right wings of the Republican Party. He does not believe systemic racism exists, says that Black Lives Matter caused rising crime rates and that all people of color in America need to combat racism is a pair of bootstraps by which to pull themselves up."

И в первой же строке автор статьи, "борец с расизмом", пишет белые люди с маленькой буквы, но Черные люди с заглавной. Это не случайность, сейчас так принято у всей левой прессы:
"a candidate who has made a career of saying the things white people love to hear about Black people."

Комментарии к статье от читателей:
"Because all African Americans MUST be Democrats?"

"Is Mr. Shyong really arguing that Mr. Elder is a "sell-out" to his own people. Why don't you just call him "uncle tom" you know you wanted to."

"Let me sum up the column for you:
"How dare a Black man become successful and not think like us?"

"I think I get it. Since he probably didn't vote Biden, according to Biden, he ain't black."

"This column is a load of garbage. Not being a loser isn't "selling out your own people".

"Elder doesn’t play the poor victim, so obviously he’s an Uncle Tom, right?"