August 22nd, 2021

Medical apartheid

Рагнар Болин, директор хора Симфонического оркестра Сан-Франциско, уходит со своего поста в знак протеста против ковидной политики властей.

It is with a heavy heart I announce that I have come to the decision to step down from my position as Chorus Director of the San Francisco Symphony after almost 14 wonderful years with this top-notch organization in the magical city of San Francisco.

I have with a growing sense of alarm observed the tide turn in the direction of medical passports, and now that the SFS has adopted a vaccine mandate that disregards even natural immunity from those who have had the infection, my mind is set.

Medical privacy, bodily autonomy, and informed consent are basic human rights, and the C-19 injections are still experimental and operate only under Emergency Use Authorization.

To coerce experimental medications on humans goes directly against The Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration, regardless of what the US Justice Department has declared.

My decision is informed by the very large and growing group of whistle blowing top-level scientists with concerns on long-term effects, (there are two appeals to the European Medicines Agency to halt the roll-out) and also since the reports on injury and death is already more than the past 20 years combined, both in Europe and in the US. Whatever the media tells us, the science is NOT settled on this matter and I urge people to seek out and listen to a large number of whistle-blowing scientists (I personally know several here in Sweden) in order to make an informed choice.

I also struggle to understand the promotion of fear of people who have chosen to abstain from these injections. Why the fear of those who abstain if you are protected?? After the risk groups are vaccinated, why the alarm? To separate a group of people as spreaders of disease also rings ugly historical bells.

Part of my decision is also that I am on principle against the medical control system now being implemented, where one is regarded sick until proven healthy, and which has already resulted in medical apartheid.

I have friends in Sweden who suffer from narcolepsy after the swine flu scandal in 2009 when a badly tested vaccine was rushed to the market and injured many before it was pulled. This too has informed my decision.

My heart is filled with many years of magical musical memories with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and Orchestra. Unforgettable performances of Mahler Symphonies and works by Stravinsky, Beethoven, Berlioz with MTT, the many brilliant guest conductors we have had, and also the times when I had the honor of being on the podium, with works by Bach, Handel, and Poulenc's Figure Humaine and more. I also deeply regret resigning just when Esa-Pekka Salonen is taking over the helm at the SFS.

I will miss this extraordinary group of talented and dedicated singers more than I can express. I will also miss the beautiful Bay Area where I met so many wonderful people and forged deep friendships.

Sincerely, Ragnar

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