April 29th, 2021

Избирательная память

Хорошо помню, что читал "Архипелаг Гулаг" (подпольная перепечатка была ужасна по качеству, буквы прыгали) где-то в начале 80-х. Hе помню кто мне дал почитать (girlfriend?), нo отдать надо было через неделю. Конечно я знал, что за это могут быть серьёзные неприятности, если обнаружат. Хватило ума никому не показывать.

Ещё несколько слов о параллельных вселенных

Resident Biden's speech

"You didn't need to watch (p)Resident Biden's dim address to the diminished Congress marking his first hundred days in installation to know what would come dribbling out of his mouth. The party that has made a god of government has seized power, and the figurehead of that government knows he must dance to the Marxist-socialists' tune if he doesn't want to find himself 25th-Amendment-ed (or Jeffrey Epstein-ed!) in short order.

So if you happened to miss Dementia-in-Chief's big speech, here's the official State narrative: there are all kinds of problems in America, and almost all of them should be blamed on the last legitimately elected president and his coalition of Make America Great Again (yuck!) "white supremacists." Every problem created by those terrible sub-humans can be solved if we just spend more money, give the government more power, stifle economic growth by fighting the weather, stay terribly afraid all of the time, and pray five times a day at the altar of "woke" racial grievance."


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Пропаганда в действии

"CBS News poll: Viewers approve of President Biden's speech amid spending, police reform proposals"

Really? Youtube.
President Biden's speech:
CBS - 1.6K Likes, 5.8K Dislikes
CNBC - 3.4K Likes, 10K Dislikes
CNN - 6.6K Likes, 12K Dislikes
The Hill - 883 Likes, 4.8K Dislikes
FOX Business - 320 Likes, 1.2 Dislikes
WSJ - 1.2K Likes, 5.3K Dislikes

Senator Tim Scott delivers Republican response to President Biden's address to Congress:
CBS - 2.2K Likes, 408 Dislikes
CNBC - 3.3K Likes, 807 Dislikes
CNN - 3.9K Likes, 1.6K Dislikes
CBC - 2.2K, 474 Dislikes
FOX Business - 5.7K Likes, 313 Dislikes
C-SPAN - 2.2K Likes, 255 Dislikes
WSJ - 2.8K Likes, 401 Dislikes