April 2nd, 2021

Эта KAKАфония будет вечной

National Geographic любезно прислал статью о возможном происхождении чертового вируса. С краткими комментариями WHO (World Health Organisation).
Видимо ради 4-ой версии и была написана статейка. Ну очень маловероятно, что вирус утёк из лаборатории. Не может такого быть, сами китайцы сказали!

We still don’t know the origins of the coronavirus. Here are 4 scenarios

1. Direct spillover from animals to humans
WHO ASSESSMENT: possible to likely

2. Spillover from animals to humans through an intermediate host
WHO ASSESSMENT: likely to very likely

3. Introduction through refrigerated or frozen foods

4. Laboratory leak
WHO ASSESSMENT: extremely unlikely

Чтобы граждане не расслаблялись и не ожидали ничего хорошего, в конце емайла добавили:
Cases are rising again in more than half the country, and experts worry that a fourth surge will threaten the gains made despite a more robust vaccine rollout. The fourth surge is upon us. This time it's different. (The Atlantic)

To achieve herd immunity, experts say kids need to get vaccinated, reducing the virus's ability to spread.

A vaccine passport is the new golden ticket (Bloomberg)