September 18th, 2020


Раз столько прожили, то не время загибаться!
Новый год лучше старых двух.

Вам какую статистику?

Almost one third of Covid deaths in July and August 'primarily caused by other conditions'
"Coronavirus was not the main cause of death for nearly one third of recorded Covid-19 victims in July and August, research by Oxford University has found.
Analysis shows that around 30 percent of people included in the coronavirus death toll by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) over the summer months had died primarily from other conditions.
It means someone who suffered a heart attack, or even died in a road traffic accident, may have been included in the figures if they had also tested positive for coronavirus at some point, or if doctors believed the virus may have exacerbated their condition."

Подозреваю, что и в других странах нечто подобное.