May 12th, 2020

Матерных слов не хватает

Последствия почти 2-х месяцев карантина на экономике Калифорнии:
4.5 миллиона человек стали безработными. Это 23.3% от всех работающих. На пике великой депрессии 1933 года безработица была 24.9%. Скоро будет больше.

Coronavirus unemployment: One-fourth of California workers could lose jobs, governor says

“Getting closer to 22, 23, 24, 25 (percent),” the governor said, is “very likely.”

"Since March 12, the EDD has distributed $13.1 billion in payments to workers who have filed unemployment claims, the governor said. About $3.4 billion of that was paid out just last week, he said."
"As claims pour in, workers in the Bay Area reported on Monday that they are still unable to connect with the EDD, which has been buried beneath the avalanche of unemployment filings and benefit requests."

На фоне этого пиздеца, разглагольствования о продлении карантина под видом заботы, просто издевательство над здравым смыслом и людьми.