July 31st, 2019

"Devestated" - новое слово в демократической тусовке. Это куда ужаснее "devastated"!

Почему-то черные конгрессмены засыпали меня своими предвыборными емайлами/агитками. Читать их сплошное удовольствие, никто не хочет этим беднягам посылать свои денежки. Даже $5 долларов жадным демократам жалко!

Listen, we're devestated.
After Trump launched his racist attacks on our Black Democrats, we thought 4X-Matched donations would come POURING in to protect our caucus.
But we just ran the numbers. And as of 8:30 AM nobody...NOBODY...is donating!

We’re confused. 92.3% of our supporters HATE Lindsey Graham.
But almost NO ONE is donating to defeat him!
⇉ When we told you he ATTACKED our Black Democrats? Nothing.
⇉ When we told you he wants to GUT Social Security? Nothing!
⇉ When we told you all donations to defeat him are 4X-MATCHED? Nothing.