November 10th, 2016

"Мирные протесты" в Калифорнии

Тем временем в Оакланде тысячи "протестующих" принялись поджигать, громить и пытаться перекрыть фривеи. Кто виноват, угадайте.

Мэр горрода публично признался в своей беспомощности:
The point of Schaaf's letter, however, is to "explain why it seems our police department cannot stop" the rioting anarchists. The reason is that "the police who are responsible for the safety of the crowds and our community during these protests are very often the target themselves. When they step in to stop an act of vandalism while it is happening, they become the new focal point for the crowds which can lead to an escalation of violence, not a decrease in the vandalism. This is the very difficult set of circumstances we are dealing with."