December 12th, 2015

Ислам не при чём?

На заметку тем, кто любит повторять - "ислам не имеет отношения к терроризму".
95% отбывающих наказание в британских тюрьмах по обвинению в терроризме - мусульмане.
Наверное надо напомнить - в Великобритании мусульман ~4.5% (данные за 2011 год) от общей популяции.
"One Muslim is arrested every two days for terrorism related offenses in Britain, and 95 percent of all those in prison for terrorism offences are Muslim, according to the latest quarterly Home Office police data report on terror-related offenses."

"According to the report, the figures were characterized by a dramatic increase in the number of females arrested, from 21 in the year ending September 2014, to 50 arrests in the year ending September 2015.
This is a reflection of the increasing radicalization of Muslim women and their participation in the worldwide jihadi uprising, or as the Home Office report said: “The majority of the increase in the number of women getting arrested has been linked to international-related terrorism.”
"The figures also revealed a 31 percent increase in the number of arrests for “international-related terrorism,” and a sharp increase in the number of persons arrested aged “21–24” and “30 and over.”

"As of September 30, 2015, of the 137 persons in prison for terrorism-related offences, 131 were Muslims, or just over 95 percent."

The Muslim population of England and Wales has grown consistently since the 1950s.
Year   Number of Muslims    Mosque
1961        50,000                       7
1971      226,000                      30
1981      553,000                    149
1991      950,000                    443
2001   1,600,000                    614
2011   2,706,000                 1,500

А это новенькое о террористах сирийцах в Женеве:
"Two people of Syrian origin were arrested on Friday in the greater Geneva area on suspicion of making, concealing and transporting explosives and poisonous gases, the Swiss Office of the Attorney General said in a statement."