aka_human (aka_human) wrote,

Bumper stickers

Hillary Clinton
Outsourcing Blowjobs
Since 1995

Give al-Qaeda a Chance
Vote for Obama 2008

Stubborn Dreamers
for Barack Obama

If Hillary Clinton is the
answer, it must have
been a stupid question

Monica Lewinsky's
Ex-Boyfriend's Wife
for President

Just vote for the bitch.

Why is that
Democrats hate FOX News
more than they hate terrorists?

Here Come
hide your wallet and your guns

I Wish Hillary
Had Married OJ

I Love Global Warming

If you must burn our flag
please wrap yourself
in it first

Stop Global Whining!

My girlfriend
thinks I'm the president
because I won't pull out

So you're for abortion,
but against killing terrorists?

WAR never solved anything,
except slavery, genocide,
nazism, and fascism

If you can't stand behind our troops
stand in front of them

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